Filen Books We make books to honor and celebrate our loved ones.
Books full of stories worth telling.

About Us

We are Francisca Sanchez Terrero and Trinidad Bourdieu, journalists and business partners who have worked together on many projects over the years. In 2022 we decided to focus our energy in Filen and its purpose: honoring the lives of ordinary people.

So here we are, getting involved in every story, learning about the main figure of each book and helping our customers to portrait an unforgettable life in a great book.


“It’s a really beautiful tribute. It’s wonderful to have his life in a book.”

Mimina, on the Tribute Book about her son, Santiago.

“This book is the place I go to when I want to visit him for a while.”

Mercedes, on the Tribute Book about her husband, Horacio.

“I’ve never laughed or been so moved by a book, as I was with this one.”

Grace, on the Celebration Book she received as a gift for her 70th birthday.